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Thalia would approve

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Aug 10, 2011: When I was a teen, I went through an ancient Greek mythology phase. This would have been a major geekfest for me then, and even now I really appreciate seeing the Greek gods getting some love, when the current vogue tends to run to Celtic or East European mythology.

It’s a very rich vein! and I can assure readers, although the tone of these tales is light and playful, as befits their narrator, the author really knows her Greek mythology. She [more . . .]

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Random Member Review

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Triptych: Looking to the Future of Innovation – In Bed

By Heidi, member

Dec 15, 2009: Strange Little Band is an edge of your seat ride through the twists and turns of life at a mega-corporation that owns its employee’s lives and would likely enjoy owning their souls as well.

Addison Harris is a psychic with a bitchy British attitude. The woman is take charge, no bones about anything. Nothing stands in her way. It’s a pleasure to see her move through the story. You don’t always like her, but you have to respect that this woman [more . . .]

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