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Starwalker by Melanie Edmonds

A ship's log, as told by the ship

The Starwalker is a starship with an experimental star-stepping drive. Designed to use the gravity wells of stars to fold space, she can travel between star systems faster than FTL. That is, if they can get it to work. She is run by a sophisticated AI who doesn’t always follow her programming. She has only just been born, and . . .

A complete blogfic.
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asa kraiya by Karen Wehrstein

What would you do . . . to live?

asa kraiya is the sequel “that never should have happened” to my two traditionally-published fantasy novels, Lion’s Heart and Lion’s Soul (Baen Books, 1991). Greatest of warriors and greatest of leaders, Fourth Chevenga Shae-Arano-e lives “the life of other men’s dreams”—except that he faces certain death by the age of thirty. When a healer with the gift of seeing . . .

A complete novel.
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Proclamation by Kevin Marston

This novel follows the lives of three separate characters as they deal with a great societal upheaval. . . .

A complete novel.
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Kings and Monsters by Adah Biggs

A sideways fairy tale

When a monster decides to spare the life of a child, he changes the fate of kingdoms, curtails an expanding empire, restores a lost royal dynasty, and most especially, alters his own life forever. Ja’kh’redd, a monstrous Vidos, was out hunting when he came across an orphaned human child amidst the ruins of a recently destroyed caravan. Taking pity . . .

An abandoned novel.
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The Little Ship That Could

By Scintor, author of Taurian Invasion

Feb 6, 2015: I’ve finished the archive of the story, and I’m looking forward to future installments. The story arcs are interesting, and the characters are reasonably well fleshed out. The moral of "science is going to kill universe if we don’t stop it" is tired and obnoxious, as is the evil corporations who will do anything illegal for their bottom line, but that’s not what this story is about. Starry comes across as lovable and neurotic with a heart of gold. she does everything she can to protect her family, er, crew, [more . . .]

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