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Whodunit140 by whodunit140

The daily SMS comedy murder mystery twitter novel you've always craved

Whodunit140 is experimental fiction using the website as a publishing medium. The novel is written and SMSed to twitter everyday. Each instalment fits tightly into the 140 character limit of the Twitter system. Whodunit140 is a comedy detective novel set in London, UK. . . .

An ongoing scripted series, with new episodes daily.
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Mythmashed by xmashed

Eleven demi-gods are prophesied to overthrow the established pantheon. Their mortal mothers decide to hide them in the world of man where they can escape the wrath of the gods. These “upstart” demi-gods will grow strong and one day will fulfill their destiny of challenging heaven itself. The story uses aspects of real world mythologies (Greek, Norse etc.), fantasy . . .

A serialized novel, updating weekdays.
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