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Joined: Oct 30, 2008

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I don't remember who said, "I'm not a writer because I write. I write because I'm a writer", but whoever it was, my hat off to you. Now I never need to search for the words to explain myself.

I was one of the web's early adapters. As a web designer, I've had the opportunity to make the web "pretty" and "functional" but rarely ever was I able to make it useful. And really, who cares about a web that is lovely to look at but woe to use?

I decided I wanted to blend my two loves and create something that was engaging, that explored different ways to use online media, and that challenged what it means to tell a story online. I wanted to create an experience that really puts the user in the driver's seat, letting him determine which stories to follow, which media to use, and how involved to become.

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A Timely Raven

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All’s Fair in Love & War

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