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A Stitch in Rhyme by PiedSpider

A fantastical yarn for the curlicued mind.

Welcome, carpet beetles and all bookworms, call me Laren Crawford (or Pied Spider). I hope this sonnet makes you more informed— enough to be A Stitch in Rhyme insider. It tells of Dilys and of Aeronwy, two teens who study making magic marvels until they’re tangled in conspiracy and find to their chagrin how life unravels. More than . . .

A serialized novel, updating twice weekly.
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World Of Courage by Joshua David Ling

Superheroes In Rhyme

There battles among us every day Forces of God and evil. Those who fight to show the light And those who fight for what’s lethal. These are the tales of a single coalition Fighting for what is right In a world very similar to our own With heroes bold and bright. Standing in the open gap With valor and with . . .

An ongoing series, with new episodes weekly.
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Editor’s First Impression

By Palladian, editor, author of Super

Jun 25, 2013: Note: this review was written on a previous version of World of Courage. It may not be wholly representative of the current version.

It was hard for me to know exactly what to think when I began World of Courage. I have to give credit to the author in that this isn’t a format I’ve ever seen tried in webfiction to tell a story. It’s written entirely in verse, but this isn’t Shakespeare we’re talking about here. Each chapter is about [more . . .]

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Delightful Shakespearean Like Humor

By Kridina, member

Aug 19, 2017: Now, I was not expecting to run across what appears to be epic poetry, prose, and something very nearly like a play you’d find in the "olden days", but here it is!

This is not your typical serial novel. There is a stab of humor and the word usage is entertaining. If poetry and word imagery is difficult for you to read, why I hear there is even audio available! Testimonies on the author’s page declare that helps.

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