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Pretty Pictures

By Unillustrated, author of Citadel

Nov 4, 2014: I wanted to like this story, I really did. This is a story, told in blog form, of a man who sells everything and moves to Hawaii to find himself. Maybe not the most sensible reaction to being laid off, but I’ve heard worse. Of course, he also starts murdering pretty girls he sees on the beach.

The site itself is beautiful, filled with vibrant pictures and short videos. These include the island, the sites (unsurprisingly, the ocean shots are gorgeous) and the victims. If a picture of a woman who’s just been stabbed or strangled to death is enough to bother you (no, they don’t look very real but I’ve seen less convincing in movies) then steer clear.

The gorgeous layout comes at a cost. The windows are semitransparent and covered with imagery, so reading links or navigation bars is difficult. Though this is clearly a story, it’s set up like a disorganized blog. I don’t know if that’s purposeful, but it does make reading the story a huge pain.

Another clear problem, there are no posts more recent than last July.

The writing itself is technically fine, no spelling or grammar issues. But it doesn’t feel immersive and it never made me care. The narrator comes off as someone who exists solely to murder pretty girls in Hawaii. There’s no sense of suspense or connection. You don’t get a ‘Dexter’ vibe so much as a ‘guy who wants to write a story kinda like Dexter’ vibe.

If you want something different from the superhumans, wizards and zombies that populate most of the stories on this site, maybe you should check it out. Just don’t expect to like the stories as much as you will the photos.

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