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Soft but fun, unique Lit-RPG

By linkret, member

Jun 11, 2018: So, this won’t be a long review, since I’m lazy. I found the title while randomly looking for interesting stuff to read. It’s a different take on the VR gaming Lit-RPG idea that’s gotten so cliche. The English is good, and I haven’t found a single spelling mistake so far. The story updates on a weekly basis, at 1.5k words on average. I’m writing this after I’ve read the first 21 chapters, and concluded that the story deserved a review. Light spoilers ahead:

There’s little combat, and little emphasis on it: more is on survival, and figuring out what the heck is going on. The main character tries to convince others to work together, they start their own town, mostly they just talk, etc. Surprisingly, the story isn’t at all boring. Even without much combat, there’s enough conflict to keep things interesting, and we’re constantly met with new players and characters. The background system, e.g. the mechanics are carefully and thoughtfully designed, and it’s fun how the players try to figure them out, or break them completely, in order to use them to their advantage. The "gamers" themselves are portrayed realistically, and the characters generally feel like people, not cardboard with dialogue. Maybe the protagonist is a bit boring, for now, but the fiction is really only beginning.

Also, be warned that it’s really soft and PG-13. Like, cursing-is-censored soft, "because of morals". And the writer is extremely considerate, some of which might be seeping into the protagonist, or other characters. But it gives it an interesting twist, and has its good sides, along the bad. Furthermore, the setting is in the future, around 30 years from now, so it might be possible that people are all-around more thoughtful and "sensitive". Or it’s just some of the characters. Even if you hate that beta stuff, and the traces of political correctness, you’ll find that the story has plenty to offer. I recommend it, and think it has great potential!

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My…this was quite charming

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Mar 22, 2017: I’m not a particular fan of RPG when I took a look at this one, I admit it was to see just how bad it was. I expected immature writing and cliches galore . . . what I found was an amusing and charming story that sucked me in and kept me coming back for more.

The fun part for me is the two main characters; the sensitive, thoughtful Erika with her polite "My..I see" phrases contrasted with the cheerfully vulgar and impulsive Mina whose view of life is simple – a constant indulgence in virtual knock-em-down fights. I also enjoyed the writing style, which I would describe as droll. There were some typos, but the words seemed well chosen. The girls’ (mainly Erika’s) adventures in the VR world were done well; you didn’t forget it was a game, because all the accoutrements and atmosphere of a game are present, but it felt like things were "really" happening as well.

I’m a little disappointed not to find out more about some of the mysteries of both the real and virtual worlds depicted in this story, as the author decided to cut it short and end the serial early. Unless he decides to continue later, what we have feels like the first arc completed – which does kind of work plot-wise as a significant challenge has been overcome and we can imagine how the rest will turn out. I’d still like to read it, though.

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