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Elan Meets Rafa by The Mice

To free himself from his wealthy father’s demands Elan leaves everything behind to start a new life. He quickly finds that he is ill-prepared for the real world. He meets Rafa–a strong and resilient boy from a poor family, who provides protection for him. With Rafa and many new friends, Elan starts to find a place for himself in the . . .

A complete series.
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The Men in the Black Coats by Alex Davidson

In a small town, almost nothing interesting happens. This is why, whenever people start disappearing in Stalworth, people immediately take an interest, with Rose Noble’s best friend opening an investigation into who might be doing it. He finds a possible (albeit, improbable) explanation . . .   . . . and then disappears, without a trace. As Rose searches for answers as to who is taking these . . .

A complete novel.
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A compelling story of words and drawings

By TCC Edwards, author of Far Flung

Mar 5, 2016: This is a really well-drawn and written webcomic. I’m glad that it is allowed here, because I think the written dialogue is just as important as the illustrations. The dialogue is crisp, sharp, and moves the story along quickly.

The artwork is also good – the hand-drawn style is refreshing and full of subtle detail. It adds so much to the true-to-life story of a boy finding love.

I’m definitely going to [more . . .]

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