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Joined: May 1, 2009

Unlike some of the other WFG editors, I am not a writer of fiction myself. I started visiting the site because I enjoyed reading, and then found that I also enjoyed writing reviews. I have now become an editor, and am going to do my best to write reviews that capture the essence of a story, in a way that gives readers a good idea of what the story is like even if their tastes don't happen to correspond with mine.

Even when I find something to critique in the stories I review, I have the highest respect for anyone with the patience, dedication, and passion to create a story and share it with the world.

Five star ratings are pretty rare from me; to be "exceptional" it has to strike me as truly amazing and very original: a future classic. However I'll give out the 4.5 rating to works that strike me as something special; in other words, "compellling". This is a little subjective because it's about the emotional impact that the story has on me; how much it touches me or makes me laugh.

Four stars is a very good rating from me; it means "solid" - this is a respectable work with no or very few significant flaws, whether or not it's particularly to my taste. In general, to get four stars from me a work has to at least have a professional rather than amateurish quality. There are a few exceptions; not quite technically perfect writing is sometimes combined with ideas so interesting and imaginative that it is both "fairly solid" and "compelling": thus averages out to 4. The 4's do rather predominate . . . 

Three stars means "worth a look"; to me that means it has some problems but there's something good there, and some people may well enjoy it quite a lot. So don't be put off by three stars if the description intrigues you. 3.5's are often flawed but interesting. Sometimes I'll recommend a 3.5 rated story over a 4 that, objectively speaking, I have to say is better written, but just didn't excite me as much.

Less than three: well, personally, when I see ratings that low it makes me want to look at the story to see if I agree with the reviewer; so there you go, there's no bad publicity.

Science fiction is my usual go-to genre; but what I truly enjoy are stories that are not defined by their genre, but are ignited by the passion of an original idea. One thing I love about web novels and serials is the opportunity to interact with the author and other readers. So, readers, do leave comments, feedback, and appreciation for the writers when possible on their sites. More fun for everyone!

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