An Addicting Read

By Kira, member

Sep 5, 2009: I’m a readaholic. Plain and simple. And since I’m a student, I can’t exactly go buy all the books in a bookstore so the search began of scouring the internet to find novels that interest me. I don’t remeber how I found Skyla’s site (I think it was Google, bless them), but I have seriously never regretted it. Children of the Apocalypse is so far the best teen read on the net. Skyla has managed to create the most believable characters with the most unbelievable story. There are flaws that make everything even more real. The serial is captivating, awe-inspiring and nail-biting. I can’t wait to find out who would make what choice and to see what Skyla has planned. It’s an amazing read, so thumbs up and huge applause goes to talented Skyla Dawn Cameron!

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