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Great Stuff

By GregBulmash, member

Mar 26, 2009: The main consideration for me in any story is if I want to read the next chapter. I can always give it one, but do I want to go on to the next? This story keeps me guessing, keeps me interested, and gives me characters I can both like and believe.

When you’re writing fiction in a setting where the impossible becomes possible, creating characters who are grounded in the everyday mundanities and foibles of being human really helps give the reader something to hold onto while everything else in the story is topsy turvy.

I like the superhero stuff, he paces his action well, but the characters carry it from action scene to action scene and keep me interested.

I decided to check out this story after Jim reviewed my online novel. I wanted to see if he was a good enough writer that I could take his review seriously. I’m taking it very seriously.

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