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A 1950’s College Affair, with Sailing

By Fiona Gregory, editor

Jan 2, 2013: Despite the title, this short novel is mainly in first person narrative (as a memoir), rather than letter form. It will transport you to the University of Washington campus in the 1950’s, complete with the culture and mores of the day: Co-eds are required to sign in and out of their dorm and return to their rooms by 11pm; a male student warns Kate "You’ll become used goods!" However, she has her passionate affair with a married professor anyway. The story is told with so much sensitivity, yearning, and realism it seems it must be at least partially autobiographical. It’s about the joy of finding a soulmate, the bittersweet tenderness and pain of a relationship that is right and wrong at the same time, living for the moment and paying the price later, the exasperatingly foolish choices of a young woman overwhelmed by love and obsession.

A nervewracking and powerfully described (to a non sailor) sailing escapade must also be mentioned.

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