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Easy Reader

By Miladysa, author of Refuge of Delayed Souls

Sep 11, 2012: I have always envisaged the Devil as a character set in stone and was pleasantly surprised by this light-hearted take on Hell.

The story’s main character, Jason Giles, finds himself in Hell’s waiting room following his own brutal murder. The fact that he has arrived there does not seem to freak Jason out nor does anything else come to that.

Jason appears to be a simple character. A bad boy who accepts he has ended up where he knew he was heading, and one who is prepared to face the consequences. The consequences however are something which Jason could never have envisaged. The Devil is leaving Hell and Jason unwittingly has become the new Devil.

The story has been posting since March this year and I read through the archive in no time at all. The website is a basic blogger template and easy on the eye.

I found New Devil to be a lightweight read with some nice touches of humour contrary to the graphic content warning included in the entry on WFG.

Too early in the story to anticipate how this one will turn out but does show some promise.

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